Sunday, November 2, 2008

EDM #4: Draw a mug

Well, I tried. This is my first attempt at a low-lead drawing. I still have to have a framework of pencil, but I tried doing most of the drawing in ink. There are some obvious problems but I won't name them and maybe they will go away. I enjoyed doing this but it took so long (and was interrupted by an errand that took about an hour and a half) that the lighting changed before I was finished. And now I have a headache. Too much staring at coffee mugs, too little drinking of coffee.


Betty said...

GOOD LOOKIN' sketch!!!

Speck said...

I second Betty's comment. Nice work.

freebird said...

It turned out nicely. I think the hatching you asked about ends up being the personality and/or skill each person has. You did great how you did it. Go have a cup of coffee and feel a little smug that you did a good job!