Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Pineapple

This was fun to do. My daughter and I drew a squiggle on an ATC and then traded. This picture developed from a random line that my daughter drew. I had lots of fun figuring it out. It is done with Pitt pens, gel ink pens and sharpies. The the second picture, I have erased out the line that my daughter drew for me. Just so you know, I am left handed and I was erasing with my right hand on the mouse -- thus the jagged line. To see the card my daughter made go to the link for Just stARTing Out.


Starr said...

How Fun! I think you are well past the baby steps, but still love the title:-)!

Starr said...

Your daughter is awesome! WoW!!!! What talent! That is so awesome you both share a talent. BTW...I am a Jodi Picoult lover as well:-)!