Monday, August 4, 2008

A Nod To Our Town's Yearly Festival

In rural America every town has its annual fair or festival. It is a lot of fun for most of us. My girls and their families will be here for it this year. I am excited more about that than the goings on. I will be involved in the parade this year with our community puppet group. That should be a bunch of fun. I know the grand kids will be enthralled by the puppets. There is also free watermelon and a seed spitting contest (gross). The University has had carnival-type games for everyone on their campus. One year they had "Human Bowling" where they strapped you into a big metal ball and rolled you towards fluffy bowling pins. Another time they had a game where you were attached to a flexible cord. You were supposed to run as far as you could away from your point of origin and set down a marker where upon you were snapped back to where you started by the cord. I think the participants were being cheered on by the local chiropractors.
This is the last WC card I have done and the fourth one in my set to send in for the trade. It didn't take nearly as long as the watermelon picture to do but I like it better and it fits in more with the traditional Zentangle-type art. So now I have four cards ready to go. Hoping to mail tomorrow!

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