Saturday, August 16, 2008

Long, long day

Today Barry flew off to CA for a family renunion. We accidently got up at 4AM because Barry set the alarm clock wrong. Only no one noticed that it was an hour early until we were all up and dressed. Anyway, we went to CR and dropped him off at the airport and then Jon and I hung out and did some shopping. I got a set of 24 fine point Sharpies. I have been playing with them all evening, but my best effort was done without them.
This is my first effort using the Sharpies. I don't like it and I don't think that I can salvage it. I will probably just toss it.
This is my final effort. The second one has disappeared twice from the page while I was formatting things and I am giving up for tonight. Good Grief!!! Anyway, This one I like. It is done on the back of a time know, the ones we used in the dark ages to clock in at work. When my last employer changed time clocks, I got a box of thousands of old timecards. We used to only use them as bookmarks but now I am using them to doodle on.

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Starr said...

I think they are both awesome and you shouldn't discard them. I love checking your blog daily. You are making such wonderful art. Keep up the great work. I enjoyed a giggle about the 4 a.m. story:-)! LOL!